Live Tweeting Summary

While reflecting on my live tweets for this subject, I noticed that I’ve slowly developed a formula for how to curate my tweets.

Each week I would try to prepare my tweets one or two days in advance to the screening (excluding week five, of which I still thought was on Johnny Mnemonic until ten minutes before screening), which made it easier to interact with my peers. Once we started watching from home, I began to attempt watching the films the night before, as I actually hadn’t seen many of these and wanted a clearer understanding of the themes beforehand. This helped to come up with tweets interpreting the issues and topics of each movie.

When curating my drafts, I’d go to IMDB for facts concerning the production and reception of the film. I found a lot of information there that clarified why specific choices were made in each movie, as well as occasionally explaining how the film impacted society.

I’d then research if there were any news articles relating to the film in question. I would then share the entire article, or I would pull quotes that help to encapsulate the themes discussed.

I also created a poll once, but it failed to attract much interaction, which defeats the purpose. I’ve seen a few other people attempt to do this since then, but they’re never very successful, so I’ve avoided doing it since.

I feel that by following this rough plan, I have been able to curate a variety of tweets concerning the production of each film, their cultural significance and think critically about the impact that future technology and culture can have on society.

Interacting with my peers on Twitter was more difficult for me due to my social anxiety. So, unfortunately, the majority of my interactions took the form of liking posts, as this drew less attention to myself. However, I did attempt to retweet and comment on several posts, and this has eventually become less stressful for me with each screening. On several occasions, I have even had discussions with several people concerning certain scenes, which helped to provide me with a different perspective on what the film was trying to say.

This was a great interaction, and I wish that it was easier for me to interact with my peers for this reason. In the future, I plan to utilise Twitter to create more discussion between myself and my peers during the live-tweeting sessions.

While I’m relatively happy with my progress, I’ve noticed a few issues with my live tweeting that I wish to improve upon:

  • Occasionally I misspell or fail to include spaces between words.
  • I have not included any academic sources in my tweets.
  • Sometimes when replying to a tweet, I forget to include #BCM325.

Fortunately, these are all minor issues that I can easily implement into my future live tweets, and I hope that by the end of the session, I will be more versed in providing thoughtful and critical commentary.

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