BCM325 Digital Artefact Beta

This digital artefact is for both BCM112 (Emergent Media) and BCM325 (Future Cultures). In an attempt to avoid overcomplicating my DA, I’m now worried that I may have oversimplified it. My biggest issue with my DA is the total lack of user feedback I have received. So I’m not quite sure how to improve upon my digital artefact.

My plan for now is to continue prototyping my blog posts, and attempt to draw more attention towards my DA, and incorporate any feedback I receive.

6 thoughts on “BCM325 Digital Artefact Beta

  1. Hey Lani,
    I have enjoyed your DA and I know It must have been a hard decision to not expand your digital artefact off WordPress on to other platforms. But I think this decision was a good, I have taken and a look at the blog posts and you have done a great job of making each post as comprehensive and information filled as possible. I have done the same myself, I avoided iterating on multiple platforms to focus more on quality of content rather than quantity.
    I’ve linked an academic journal written in relation to the online gaming industry over the current COVID 19 pandemic. The journal brough up many issues and statistics that could relate to your DA. Such as that massive increase of online players, encouraged by government’s “Stay-at-home” recommendations. As a gamer myself I have noticed COVID 19 restrictions have made me participate more on online games to fulfill social needs that I cannot fulfill due to quarantine and social distancing. I would still like to hear more bout your own opinions and predictions, I believe it could contribute more towards your digital artefact and future cultures.


  2. Hey Lani,
    I always find DA’s about video gaming interesting, and wonder how it’ll evolve in the future.
    It seems like you’re on track with your project, I like the topics you’ve decided to focus on, the environmental impact of video games and the impact COVID-19 has on the gaming industry are really interesting, I haven’t thought about these areas. One area that could be addressed in addition to these could be artificial intelligence, here’s a source which might be useful, https://builtin.com/media-gaming/future-of-gaming. It’s good to see how you’ve tried to receive feedback through contacting people yourself and posting on Reddit. In terms of promoting your blog posts, I was going to suggest what you’ve already planned to do, which is promoting through Twitter and Discord. Hopefully through doing so, you’ll receive more interaction from your audience. One thought I had was, have you considered maybe creating podcasts/video content for this topic you’re focusing on? I know there’s others who are doing the same and have received the feedback they wanted. Perhaps through research on topics surrounding the future of video gaming and finding opinions/ideas, you could share your thoughts about it through your own voice, that way you’re not limited to just 500-800 words.
    However you decide to move forward, I wish you all the best and I’m excited to see how it turns out 🙂


    1. Hi Lani

      This is my first time being introduced to your DA, straight off the bat I think that your idea is a useful tool for gaming enthusiasts, giving your audience a reliable way source this legitimised information.

      I wish you had the link of your DA in here so it would be easier to find, the three blog post you presented in the beta presentation, looked rather interesting and on the topic of your goal.

      I understand that it’s hard to get feedback, Reddit is the best place, just keep at it and keep posting. I think your idea of using student discord servers is a great way to get someone to view your DA in progress, as you can digitally slap it right in peoples faces.

      You should’ve had feedback from the tutors, I was in the same scenario where I had nothing back for my pitch, either way looking good, best of luck.


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