Cards Against Humanity, But For Alex Jones

For my group project with Julia Farrington, Julia Belikova and Anthea Tomaras, we have decided to create and A+B style party game titled “That’s Whack!”, influenced by the card game “Cards Against Humanity”.

 I’ve had difficulty being able to communicate with my group members entirely online. And so, by the time I had finally been able to contact them properly, they had already decided upon the underlying theme and idea of what the game would be. They had also had to decide on everyone’s roles without me, and so my contribution to the game will be refining and completing the rules and game loop.

Thankfully, game loops and rules were explained in the week 7 Discord seminar, so I feel confident in understanding of what a game loop is. I’ve also been researching party games structured similarly to ours, such as “Cards Against Humanity“, “Joking Hazard“, “Disturbed Friends” and “Unstable Unicorns“.

These games often have simple explanations of how the game plays, making them easy for users to jump right into playing. These types of party games intend to be more casual experiences. The entertainment of the games come from what the players bring to it, much like our game. I want to keep the rules simple and refined to avoid overwhelming new players so that players who don’t usually play tabletop games won’t become overwhelmed.

Currently, this is the working game loop:

  • Each round, a new player is assigned the role of ‘master conspiracist’ (MC), signified by wearing a tin-foil hat. Players take turns being the MC in sequential order.
  • At the beginning of a round, the MC draws one prompt card, reads it aloud, and places it face-up on the table. All the other players must draw three answer cards from each category pile required for that prompt.
  • Players select from the answer cards in their hand to fill the blanks of the prompt cards and place them face-down on the table in front of them. The goal is to create the craziest, wackiest conspiracy theory they can come up with for their conspiracist blog. Once all players have chosen their answer cards, the players will then reveal their theories. 
  • The MC reads each player’s theory aloud to the table and chooses the best one, that player receives a point. Players shuffle the remaining answer cards from their hand back into each category pile, and the next round starts.
  • The first to X points wins the game.

I’m yet to perfect this loop, and I plan to improve upon it in the following ways:

  • We have also discussed adding “tokens” as a game mechanic. A player would be allowed to award another conspiracy with one of these tokens, giving both players an extra point. I want to flesh out how this would function in accordance with the other mechanics and figure out where it would best work within the game loop.
  • Figure out how many points should be needed to win. This would be affected by the token mechanic, so currently I’m considering either 5 or 7 points to win.
  • Decide how the MC is chosen. Perhaps the first MC could be selected by their age (such as the oldest goes first) and then run clockwise from there.

Hopefully, by the time we are ready to present our pitch, I will have been able to create a comprehensive structure and rule set to our game.

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