Beta Peer Review And Feedback

When finding blog posts to comment on, I selected Betas that didn’t have any feedback yet. The goal in this was to provide students with feedback as quickly as possible, in case they hadn’t received much this semester. In doing so, I stumbled upon three digital artefacts that resonated with me, and that I really enjoyed looking into.

Comment #1: Chris Comino

Chris’s DA was especially interesting to me as we were both focusing on the same topic for our digital artefact. The difference between them is that while I’m writing blog posts, he’s presenting his in Podcast form on Soundcloud. He said in his presentation video that he has fallen behind schedule and so far had only been able to upload one podcast episode. Because of this, I decided to prioritise how he could improve id DA in my feedback. I also wanted to avoid getting too critical, considering how difficult assessments have been for everyone this session.
Another thing that Chris did was link back to the subject readings in his DA, which I haven’t been doing. Sometimes it can be challenging to find sources for my blog posts that I deem to be trustworthy. So this is something that I’m definitely going to incorporate into my DA.

Comment #2: Nicole Papadimas

Nicole’s DA is on how virtual reality will impact the fashion industry. One of the blog posts I wrote for my DA was on virtual reality in gaming, and this was enough of a crossover in ideas to pique my interest. However, it was somewhat difficult to provide feedback on her digital artefact. Although she linked to her other socials, she didn’t link to her actual DA anywhere in her beta. This meant that I could only go off of what her beta presentation said.
Nicole mentioned that she hadn’t gotten much feedback. I suggested that she clip parts of her DA and post them to Tik Tok to try and draw more attention to her YouTube videos. I also provided her with a link to a source I thought that she might find useful, but otherwise, I wasn’t sure what else I could add.

Comment #3: Bianca Lalanne Rousselet

Bianca’s DA are blog posts analysing how individual Black Mirror episodes relate to the future of technology and society, which ties in nicely with the live-tweeting portion of this subject.
Out of all three of the beta’s that I looked at, this one seems to be going the most smoothly. Bianca has been getting quite a bit of feedback and has incorporated this into her DA. She also didn’t talk about any setbacks that she had or falling behind schedule, which is pretty commendable right now.
The only issue that really stood out to me was the length of her blog posts. She said that she was planning to write four posts for this digital artefact. Yet, these blogs have been surprisingly short, with the two that she has written so far only being about four hundred words each. So I recommended that she go a little more in-depth with her reaming two blog posts. Hopefully, she takes it on board. Otherwise, I feel that she has been doing really well with her DA this session.

Overall, I’m happy with the feedback that I gave to my peers. Due to the added difficulties of the Coronavirus pandemic and remote learning, I didn’t want to be too critical of other people’s work. But I feel that everyone has actually done really well, and taken it in their stride. I tried to keep my feedback casual and encouraging, and I hope that came across in my comments.
I’m looking forward to seeing how these DA’s change and improve over the following weeks, and hope that they’re all proud of how well they’ve done so far.

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