Live-Tweeting Summary #2

My system for live-tweeting in this subject hasn’t changed too much since my previous summary. I continued to draft tweets several days before live-tweeting. Not only did this give me more time to find engaging sources, but allowed me to spend more time interacting with other students tweets, as well as enabling me to focus more intently on the film for my analysis.

The first thing that I improved upon was my inclusion of tweets concerning and linking to academic references. While at times, it was difficult to find articles that related directly to each weekly topic, I feel that I found several that provide an interesting read. These tweets often didn’t get a lot of interaction, however. I believe that this was due mainly to how I would caption these tweets. Usually, I would explain what the article was about, which is admittedly pretty bland. Instead, I should have pulled an interesting quote or provided my short analysis or commentary on the topic. I will keep this in mind for future tweets, including academic sources.

When it came to other sources, I would sometimes forget to reference them. In week 8, I was reminded to link to my sources, and since then, I have paid more attention to this and improved upon it.

When it came to interacting with other students tweets, the majority of my responses were likes on their posts. In my last live-tweeting summary, I’d said that I hoped to improve upon this, and include more commenting and retweeting from week 6 onward. While I’m happy with the comments and retweets that I did include, looking back, I wish that I had done it more often to add to the conversations going on each week.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this session, it’s that it’s challenging to have a conversation with someone about the future in short 240-character bursts. This meant that when I did comment on somebody’s tweet, it was often a summarised version of my opinion, making my responses shorter than I wish they had been.

When analysing the films myself, I would try to say something that other students hadn’t already said, or at least put my own spin on it. I found that films such as “Robot and Frank” and “2040” resonated with me personally, which made it easier to provide my own opinions on the topics. These were apart of the most successful live-tweeting sessions I had from weeks 6 to 12.

I also found that week 12’s live-tweeting was the most pro-active for me. Rather than discuss what might happen in the future, I chose to discuss what we can do to improve it. I tried to provide some options on becoming more environmentally friendly, which I prefer to just giving my opinion on the topic.

While reviewing my live-tweeting for this session, I mostly just saw ways for me to improve upon my social media usage. In the future, I want to take all of this into consideration and become more confident on the platform.

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