Contextual Essay

My plan for my Digital Artefact was always for it to be a YouTube channel. I Knew from the beginning of the semester that I wanted to make some form of commentary channel but wasn’t sure what yet. By the end of the semester, my DA was planned out to be a commentary channel focused on niche […]

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Online Presence 3

I think that it’s safe to admit at this point that my DA is somewhat of a failure at this point. After months of talking about ideas that I have for my channel in my blogs and pitches, I only have one video up on my channel. So what happened? Well, I believe that my […]

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Online Presence 2

Since my last online presence post, there has only been minimal progress on my Digital Artefact. I have only been able to post one video to my YouTube channel, and so the channel itself also hasn’t grown much. The few videos that I have made have had to be kept very low production. They’ve all been […]

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Beta Blog

Unfortunately, my DA hasn’t progressed too much since my online presence. A personal family issue came up not long after uploading my OP1, and while I tried not to let it affect the making of my DA, any content I made ended not coming out the way I had wanted it. I didn’t feel comfortable […]

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Online Presence 1

As soon as this class began, I decided that for my DA I would make a YouTube channel of some kind. I’ve been a fan of YouTube for a long time, and I’m a very visual person, and so making videos is the most appealing to me. The only problem then was deciding on what […]

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Bcm114 Project Pitch

For my pitch, I have decided to create a YouTube channel where I discuss video games, as well as gaming news and events. When discussing a specific game in a video, I plan to use footage of the gameplay and cutscenes to emphasise better the points that I’m trying to make. However, due to time […]

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