Simulacra: What Is A Hyperreality?

Hyperreality is a collection of images or simulation which create a false reality. These simulations and images are simulacra, often imperfect substitutes for what is considered reality. These simulacra, however, while being superficial and fake, slowly begin to form their own believable reality, separate from other media.

An example of simulacra is This Person Does Not Exist, a website which generates human faces. If the site hadn’t made it clear that all of these people are simulations, it would have been easy to believe that they truly existed.

In 2018, the game SIMULACRA was released for PC, Android and IOS. The story of the game focuses on an artificial intelligence which is attempting to replace reality with hyperreality. The game itself, however, imitates a smartphone and applications, creating its own hyperreality which becomes believable to the player outside of the game’s story.

Media is now beginning to blur the line between reality and hyperreality. As time passes, it’s becoming difficult to clearly spot the difference between real and hyperreal, as modern society becomes more entwined with media and its connotations.

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